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Why You Should Shop Local

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When we purchased this frame shoppe it quickly became very clear the need for local small businesses and for consumers to shop locally and support our fellow entrepreneurs.

We are a local family run business and we employ people who live in our community. We often find ourselves competing against large national big box stores. These companies can weather the ups and downs of seasons and they have large marketing budgets. As consumers some of these large retailers have conditioned us to think they are the least expensive, or they offer sales and coupons that seem to be a great deal. Many of these coupon sales are not what they seem and many times a small shop like ours can beat even those prices.

We are also invested in our communities, we live here, our kids go to school with yours, we are your neighbor. We rely on repeat customers and loyalty. At Legacy Frame Shoppe we work really hard to make sure you are happy and want to come back. We want our customers to be friends and part of our community. You can trust that we are going to treat you and your items, we are framing, with the utmost care as if they belonged to us, because that is the right thing to do and we would want to be treated that way. We are artists and take pride in our work . . our craft. To us this is not just a job or a paycheck, it's a service to our neighbors, our friends, and our community.

Small business are the ones who support local kids teams, school fundraisers etc. We turn around and reinvest into OUR community, OUR Schools, OUR churches and so on. So, next time you need to make a purchase or go out to eat, see if you have a small business you can support.

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