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The Meaning of Custom

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

There is a huge difference in "frames" and "Custom Framing". We are custom framers. We have many years of experience and we understand what makes your project special and how to protect the item in the frame.

We often see things like cardboard in place of archival foam core, masking tape in place of archival framers tape, clear glass or plexi in place of UV protective glass. We never cut your item to fit the frame. EVERYTHING is custom measured and cut to fit your item. With the exception of when the customer requests or gives permission. Mats, fillets and liners are all custom hand cut for a precise fit. Jersey are stretched tight, not left to bag and sag. A custom framer is going to design and construct your job so your item does not touch or stick to the glass. We also make sure your wire and hardware are the correct weight and will not fall and damage your art or the wall it's on. We seal each piece on the back to insure that moisture and dust do not get in and damage your picture.

We are not doing this as a hobby in our basement/garage, on the side. This is our craft and how we make a living. We want our customers to return each time they need a frame, so we don't cut corners and do things cheap. We are professionals that work to do the best quality job possible at an affordable price

Custom Framing or custom framers


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