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Super Bowl Champions

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

With all of the excitement surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs Win in the Super Bowl, there are many mementos for sale, and I want to give you some insider friendly advice.

There are many already framed poster, pictures etc. all of these items do not use a UV protective glass and will fade - yes even inside and not exposed to direct sunlight it will simply take longer. This keeps the cost low, but it is ultimately very costly.

Many people will be framing newspapers, parade posters, and jerseys. Newspapers especially will yellow rapidly. the value in the jersey is the signature and if that fades, so does your value.

It is very important to choose a custom picture framer that uses UV protective glass. So, choose a local expert that cares more about your item and you as the customer, than keeping the price low and being the cheapest.

custom picture framer

bowl champion framing

custom framing

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